14 Haziran 2019 Cuma


 My project is about disadvantaged children. There are disadvantaged schools, kindergartens and kids centers in Reşita. We are working with Roman Commission to develop that schools.

 We are going to schools to do some activities and play some games with them. Our mission just to give something to kids and enjoy with them :)

Usually we give them informal education, they learn something when they playing, drawing, dancing... But they always have fun! That one was the second rule.

 Don't forget the first one, Keep To Smile! :)

Rising star of Turkey :)

 It was a stable day at office, my coordinator told me 'There is a theatre club and they will use our down floor for theatre show. Can you help them when they clean and prepare there?'

 I helped them full of 3 days, and theatre room was ready! The new invite suprised me, they asked us 'If you want you can join us for our show...'

We had a theatre show about hospital. Like an horror story. The dragon visited to hospital and something happened, babies dead. And some bullshits like that. :)

There was to crowded and I was so excited because of this. But I felt like a stars, it was cool. :))

You can not imagine what will happen in the future, tomorrow you can be a theatre star.
This why love to live!
And this why,
keep to smile! :))

26 Mayıs 2019 Pazar


 Tonight there is a final four match between Fenerbahçe and CSKA Moskova. Thats why I am bit excited. Today I am gonna text something about Fenerbahçe and I will share with you my adventure related to Fenerbahçe.

If you were living in Istanbul when you was a child and if you play football, you have to chose! Which one is your team between of Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş. I chosed Fenerbahçe...

A team can be Champion of  Champions League like Real Madrid or can take copa del rey like Barcelona. Hala MADRİD! Forsa BARCA!

But actually guys I don't care about them! Cause Fenerbahçe is a big piece of my life...

October 2018

When I were in Romania, there were match of  Uefa Europan League between Fenerbahçe and Dinamo Zagreb in capital of Croatia. It was my dream to watch a match of Fenerbahçe in Europa.

I found a ticket for this match, but I couldn't find a bus ticket to go to Croatia cause the transportation is not easy between Romania and other countries

But of course I didn't give up. I went to Croatia by hitchhiking in 2 days!
I watched that match It was so good experience for me. The score was not like my expectation but its okay :)

We dont care about cups, we dont care victories, we just love this colors.


Keep to smile! :)


When I come back to Reşita I started so fast to new projects and my new life. I didn't need time to adaptation, cause I was enough motivated.

 We went to nursing home to visit our grand friends :)

They were excited for meet with us, they were preparing conference room for meeting. We took time with them, we had fun a lot..

And when we give them flowers they were so happy for this. Actually it's not hard to make happy other people. Just a smiley face is enough for this.

Keep to smile :)

17 Mayıs 2019 Cuma


We had a cleaning activity at world clean up day September 15th.

We prepered materials for this project and we meet with our cleaning team.There were also local volunteers. We went to forest to clean there.

It was the best thing what I feel at forest, you always get fresh air!

Finally we took a lot of trash from forest. 

I saw a little snake, she smiled to me and said thanks. When I feel it I was so happy...

If you want to be happy; 
Love snakes,
Be careful about nature,
And take care yourself,

Keep To Smile! :) 

4 Kasım 2018 Pazar

On Arrival Training in Bucharest

I came to Romania for a project of European Voluntary Service. And I was ready for new adventures!


  The National Agency organized ''On Arrival Training'' for accelerate the adaptation process of the volunteers and increase their motivation. I went to the Bucharest to join the training.

  We stayed in a very nice hotel for 5 days and we did a lot of activities with nice trainers. We played fun games to learn something about our EVS process.

  Also I made a presentation about my project. I was very excited. :)

  I made a lot of friends from different countries in Bucharest and got some more experiences.

   Palace of the Parliament

  See you in the next adventures :)


  Also I didn't forget travel of the city and take nice pictures. :)